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Distilling Experts!

The Original Owners and Inventers of Turbo Stomper Stills. Don't Get a Copy. Get The Original!
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The Mountain Man Triple Combo

Mountain Man Moonshine Still
Propane Tank Not Included
Only $649.95

This Moonshine Still is a
Power House

Out Puts Up to 95%
Give you 100% Flavor from you mash!
Infuse Natural Flavor during distilling.
Infuse Several Flavors in one run!

We are the Guys that make it easy
To Make Hand Crafted World Class Spirits at Home for a Minimal Investment.

With every one of our moonshine still combos you get
you need.

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Inside Our Shop....Shhh...Dont Tell Anyone!


Infusing Natural flavor During Distilling


Important things you should know about when distilling.

 Our stills double and triple distill in one run. Most other stills only distill one time. Our stills trap fusil oils giving you a very clean desolate.

Infusing flavor during distilling. You ca infuse several types of flavor in same batch with our stills. No other unit dose that.

 First is the heads this is the first part of the distillation process. The heads is what you have to through out when you still starts producing. With our units that is about the first 2 shot glasses. This will keep you safe. The heads contain Methanol and two types of acetone.

Middle Run this where you will collect all your good alcohol. It is also the longest part of your run.

Tails, this is the end of your run when you are just about done distilling. the potency of the desolate fall of at this point and you start collecting more fusil oils. We like to save about 1 quart of your tails and add it you your boiler the next time you make a run.

It is always a good idea to carbon filter your spirits. In fact it is a must! We like to use coconut active carbon in our carbon filter systems.

Making stills is just a part of what we do, our goal is to show you how it is properly used, this is a hobby that is quickly turning in a trend and we need to be on top of our game so we can grow with our customers.

No one just passed out hops and said make some home brew Beer, The trend took off because people wanted to learn and someone stepped up to teach them.

Here we are and we are proud to show you how to make the best Spirits in the world!

Buying one of our stills is the intelligent choice!

We support our stills 100% If you never have distilled before you have come to the right place. We specialize in beginners. You will get a still that is 100% safe to drink from and the proper training and support. It's always just a phone call away. If you have any question just pick up the phone and give us a call (720) 628-1965. We will be happy to take all the time you need to answer all your question.

Success is as Easy As 1...2...3...
With Our

The Legendary 3 Step
 training program.
Call us for details now!
We will show you how to make
Vodka and Flavored Vodka, Rum, Spiced Rum,
Whiskey, Sour Mash or Bourbon!

To Here more about Our Training Program


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